Our mission is to provide customers with fast, quality and professional service to become their first choice in case of challenges with technical equipment, while environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.


  • They are offered on the market as stand-alone products.
  • It is possible to buy them separately and register them on devices that are already in use.
  • It is possible to include them in your own sales offer.
  • Registration and realization of the service is extremely simple, fast and practical.
  • The service is pre-arranged, so there is no possibility of unpleasant surprises for the user.
  • They reduce the time for which the device is out of operation, and thus possible costs and business losses.
  • The services cover the costs of the call center and the coordination of the execution of the service.
Extended warranty
All manufacturers, including manufacturers of IT equipment, must provide the customer with a warranty on the product (one, two, three or more years, depending on the manufacturer and device). The standard warranty is usually limited to 12 or 24 months, and does not cover transportation by express delivery services or field repairs. Corrigo services enable the extension or extension of the manufacturer's warranty. These are pre-contracted maintenance services, which can be purchased as a separate, independent product, and it is very easy to register on any device listed in the service description. We also offer one-time services such as fast device diagnostics, which save you time.

Laptops and desktops
TV and monitors

Service registration and registration verification

Register an additional warranty on the purchased device by filling out the web form by selecting the link below. Activation requires the Corrigo form that came with the device or purchased as a separate product. We send feedback on activation within 24 hours.

You can verify the registered service by entering the serial number of the device or Corrigo service, using the link below.

Service registration
Registration check